Wednesday, December 03, 2003

To answer the request for details on my life in Japan, I will here begin reminiscing.

First, here is the kofun, or burial mound or "Japanese pyramid" as JJ called it, from in front of JJ's house. JJ would make me run laps of that field in an effort to get me down to a svelte 90 pounds.

But I have good memories of that field too.

It was there that I built an exact replica of a tri-spherical Western snowman. Japanese snowmen are a mere two snowballs.

I went through my bird-watching craze here too, spying on the Northern Pintails in the moat.

Here is the scary kofun next to the Buddhist cemetery next to JJ's house. I was always afraid of Japanese demons when I walked this way at night. About twenty years ago someone anonymously pinned a curse to one of the trees.

Here is the Sakitama Fire Festival. I only attended once, because, as a minor local celebrity, my pesky fans would not leave me alone. (Actually the first year I returned to Canada for my sister's graduation). This festival takes place every May in JJ's backyard.

The story behind the festival is that a mortal woman loved a god and she went into a burning house to prove that she was worthy of loving a god. I think. It is just a good chance to see a lot of fire and to watch the straw house burning up. It is also a good time to hear JJ's father give speeches.

The slot game on this page provides hours of fun.

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