Sunday, January 18, 2004

All my life I've said computer with a Romanian accent when I was trying to convey the idea of computer in Romanian. Then, in 1996, I decided to really learn Romanian. Of course, being so far away, most of my studying has been from translating Romanian stories into English.

In September 2002, on a quest to get internet access in Alba Iulia, I learned that the Romanian word for computer is not computer, but calculator, pronounced with Romanian phonics. The English calculator is something else entirely in Romanian (which I can't remember at this moment).

After I returned back to Canada, during my few interactions with Romanians here, I am careful to say calculator if I mean computer.

My uncle's wife always laughs at me.

Because Romanian-Canadians prefer to spice up their Romanian with English. Because calculator is calculator, as it is in English.

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