Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Everyone is shooing me off to lunch. But the truth is, I am dreading lunch today. It�s a pork dish from Sunday�s Vietnamese restaurant. Allison ordered something to go just for her lunch the following day. Following her example, I called the waiter back and told him I wanted to order something for the next day too. When I said the caramel pork, he looked at me with incredulity and gasped, �Not for the next day?� I reaffirmed that it was indeed meant to be eaten Monday. He didn�t say more, but wrote down my order.

Yesterday morning when I was scooping out the pork to put into my Tupperware, the pork jelly had coagulated overnight in the fridge. It resembled the head cheese of my youth; my father would not allow me to leave the table until I finished off the plateful of pork jelly. Invariably these meals would end with a spanking. As a result, meat jellies always leave me with a trembling heart. Plus, the frightened look of Sunday�s waiter rather alarmed me. Today I would almost rather go hungry than risk flashbacks of a tortured childhood. I can live on one doughnut and a vanilla latte.

But the caramel pork is in the microwave...hopefully the jelly will have melted away.

This is one of those moments I wish I was Muslim.

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