Thursday, January 08, 2004

I was so proud to meet my Moldovan cousin. He was quiet and intelligent. I thought I was the only quiet one in the family.

Roman was fifteen when I met him. I also noticed he was very handsome. I was also relieved that at least someone in my family got the looks.

The other thing I noticed about Roman was that he was melancholy. He had gone to George Soros' free computer classes. But his father, my uncle, insisted that he was of more use at home cooking for the family. His mother was a housemaid in the Vatican. Someone had to act the housewife.

I thought it was an injustice that my bright cousin should be forced into a life of drudgery. I had grandiose plans to marry him off to a Canadian wench and then bully him into entertaining me.

Roman is now twenty and wants to marry his twenty-three year old girlfriend.

Dang! I forgot to have him betrothed to a local girl.

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