Saturday, January 24, 2004

If you really follow the directions, you'll be floored by the results. Warning! Do take the quiz as you read, there are only 3 questions, and if you scan all the way to the end before finishing you won't get the honest results. Don't cheat. Scroll slowly and do each exercise. Don't look ahead. Get a pencil and paper and write it down. You will
need it at the end. Enjoy!

Question I: Arrange the following 5 animals according to your preference:






Question II : Write one word to describe each of the following:






Question III : Think of somebody (who also knows you) that you can relate
to the following colours:

Please don't repeat your answer twice. Name only one person for each colour.






Question I : This will define your priorities in life

Cow means career

Tiger means pride

Sheep means love

Horse means family

Monkey means money


Question II :

Your description of Dog implies your own personality

Your description of Cat implies your partner's personality

Your description of Rat implies your enemy's personality

Your description of Coffee is how you interpret sex

Your description of Ocean implies your own life


Question III :

Yellow - somebody who will never forget you

Orange - someone whom you can consider as your real friend

Red - someone you really love

Green - a person whom you will always remember for the rest of your life


Vancouver Karen (not West Van Karen) sent me this quiz. Oddly enough I picked horse first, though it was tied with tiger. Family is most important for me? Not surprisingly, I picked monkey (money) last.

My description of dog was "friendly" so I suppose that means that's what I am...Transylvanians, after all, are stereotyped to be friendly, hardworking but stupid. But my partner will be mean. Dang! I should have had a better opinion of cats. I couldn't think of anything better to descibe coffee than with "perky." What would "perky" sex be?

I always associate JJ with yellow and Beth with green. Does this mean we have a love triangle? Does this mean Beth will forget me while I pine for her? Maybe I will write her love sonnets after all; then, with my pleadings to divorce her husband and marry me - now that we can have same-sex marriages in Canada - refused, I will sew boulders into my pockets and jump off a bridge. But instead of dying I shall discover I can breathe underwater and join a company of half-barracuda, half-mermaiden beings in foraging for sea kelp. I'll be a Burrard Inlet legend: the spectre of the waters, crawling out of the dark waters on moonlit nights to growl at the moon. When the fogs roll over Vancouver, I shall raise my head out of the waters and allow myself to be seen. These isolated and mysterious sightings will ruin the credibility of many a respected journalist. I shall sneak onto rich people's yachts and create havoc, perhaps putting the slimiest of seaweeds into their bedsheets. I shall assist barnacles in finding their way to the bottom of expensive sailboats. I shall pelt swimmers with rotting starfish and perhaps touch their legs, briefly, with some reluctant squid. I shall deposit pebbles into oysters and give the pearls to passing pelicans.

And, oh, my imagination is a little too extravagant this morning.

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