Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Mamaia took in Anisoara (the hamster, not the girl or the dog) while I was away.

Did Anisoara behave?

After she escaped from her hamster ball once, Mamaia took no more chances. Anisoara had no more exploring privileges.


Mamaia put a towel over the tape recorder next to the cage. She didn't want Anisoara to throw her pine shavings on it. The next morning, Anisoara had dragged the entire towel into her cage.


Above the cage is an icon with the Virgin and Child. It lights up. Anisoara reached threw the bars of her cage, grabbed the electric cord, and chewed it to shreds.


Since Anisoara hasn't had any exercise, I put her into her hamster ball and gave her free run of the house. I then sat down to a late dinner, while reading the local papers.

An article on why the US would have invaded Afghanistan regardless of whether September 11th happened or not. I stopped reading and thought about it. Then I realized there were no more hamster sounds in the background.

And, in my bedroom, was the lidless hamster ball, hamster missing. I turned off the lights and sat in the dark listening. Usually I could hear the telltale scurrying of tiny hamster feet. This time there was no noise to point me in the direction of Anisoara.

I ran to the basement to fetch the Smurf bucket. A handful of sunflower seeds at the bottom of the bucket and a ramp leading to the bucket rim. Hungry hamster falls in and can't escape. Just as I set up my hamster trap, I heard a gnawing sound. It came from the bathroom.

Under the sink cabinet, there are three round holes for ventilation. Anisoara crawled in. Yet, she couldn't come out any more. She tried to gnaw the hole bigger. Both of us began to panic.

The construction of the sink cabinet is such that I would have to saw it open. Either that or leave Anisoara there to die. But the thought of the stench (not to mention the karma imbalance that would result) made the latter solution unpalatable.

Would Anisoara spend the rest of her life under the bathroom cabinet? Would I leave seeds on the threshold of her little door every day for the rest of her life? If she died in there, I would still encounter the death stench. Or would she lose enough weight to come out on her own?

Anisoara managed to get her head out and allowed me to try to pull her out. I could feel her delicate little bones lodged in the hole. She gave a weak moan of pain. I stopped pulling. Then Anisoara, with all her might, pushed herself out of the hole. When I saw the first forepaw, I knew she was saved.

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