Saturday, January 24, 2004

My January 15th dream:

The Golden Girls were living in lower income housing. Sophia has a new hairstyle; short, blonde, with tight curls framing her face. She makes sure everyone knows she is going on a date as a result of her newfound beauty.

Then I left this part of the dream and went to a party in a dark room. Between the light fixtures on the ceiling and the rest of the room was a layer of grey gauze-like material. The light in the room, as a result, was greyish. I asked around who invented this coagulated dust and I found the young man.

He was thin and wore a suit. A sullen type: he answered my questions with gruff one-word answers.

The next day, he invited me, or I simply followed him, to the patents office. I may have been invisible at this point in my dream.

There was an old woman working in the office. She had long hair, still blonde, in braids that were wrapped into a flat bun at the back of her head.

Something was refused - I am writing about this dream a week after I had it - but the old woman got up and went to consult her filing cabinet. She opened the drawer third from the bottom, which was at chest-height.

Now, the reason I think I was invisible at this point is because my presence did not prevent what happened next.

The young man was suddenly behind her and, with a razor or a small knife, began slashing her face. The old woman gave a muffled shriek - "scream!" I thought. I moved around her desk too, but I didn't know whether I should try to save her from the front (and have my hands slashed too), or to attack this guy from the back.

As her face started bleeding, I thought, "She's lived such a long life and now that she's near retirement, some young psychopath is going to destroy her face."

He didn't stop and neither seemed to notice I was in the room.

I then thought, "Oh my god, she won't be just disfigured, she'll die. Her whole life, wasted in this one moment!"

Then I woke up. It was 5 AM.

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