Saturday, January 24, 2004

Non-Arizona Cheryl likes being Non-Arizona Cheryl. When Arizona Cheryl returns from Arizona, both of them will live in Burnaby so I will have to find new names for them. I thought about North Cheryl (the Non-Arizona Cheryl) and South Cheryl (the Arizona Cheryl). (Good news: Non-Arizona Cheryl is not moving to Edmonton, so she will not become Edmonton Cheryl.) Or maybe I should stop referring to friends geographically and give them names regarding appearance or personality or occupation or hobbies.

Possible ideas for Arizona Cheryl: Gourmand Cheryl, Chocolate Cheryl, Sporty Cheryl, Native Rights Cheryl, Traveller Cheryl, Christian Cheryl, Blonde Cheryl, Dental Cheryl.

Possible ideas for Non-Arizona Cheryl: Red-headed Cheryl, Artistic Cheryl, Dancing Cheryl, Edward Gorey Fan Cheryl (or just Gorey Cheryl), Raven Cheryl, Sewing Cheryl, Costumer Cheryl.

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