Saturday, January 24, 2004

Recent movies in my life:

Every Little Thing (La moindre des choses)
Before I moved to Paris, one of my friends wrote in one of my books that I should have a jolly time with some Frenchman. If she only knew what the French are really like. A clue would be to look at the Marquis de Sade for clues to the personality of Frenchmen. A friend who had an extremely abusive French boyfriend supports my view. And looks? Gerard Depardieu is a small (or big) indicator of where the French gene pool went amiss. This movie, about the inhabitants of a mental health institute, confirms everything I thought about the French.

I almost want to add "Do you speak French?" to my list of filter questions for men. However, since I re-met Rob a few days ago and he seems decent so far, I will refrain from making too hasty a judgment about people's language abilities. Maybe a better question would be "Are you French?"

With a Friend Like Harry (Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien)
More proof to back up my hypotheses on the French.

Poor Prune. She is the voluptuous beauty on the cover. Will she ever see the Matterhorn?

The Fierce One (Lyuty)
The first movie this week during which I cried. I am still sorting out what I want to say about this one. I never did see the short at the beginning as I was still manning the popcorn stand.

Tokyo Story (Tokyo Monogatari)
Hideki and that film guy I met both don't care much for this movie. Denise said she didn't like the beginning so much. Everyone thought it was slow.

I guess I am the only one who thought it was fast-paced, but then I got really into The Age of Innocence as well. I pointed out that the Japanese always think the glass is half empty, both in the sense that they must always fill the guest's glass and in the psychological sense. Denise agreed that she got that feeling from watching Tokyo Monogatari.

Aside from that, many things are bubbling within my head about this movie, but I need to mull it over for a bit longer. The second movie this week during which I cried. My Japanese is in better shape than I thought.

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