Saturday, January 31, 2004

Today's spam:

decoy erratic beard automata (from Audra Donnelly): I assume this has something to do with my ongoing protests against facial hair.

bicycle cast (from Amparo Bourgeois): not such an interesting subject line, but I like the name Amparo, plus the Bourgeois - that just made my day. Thank you, Amparo Bourgeois. Now is this a cast of bicycles appearing on stage? Or a cast of actors appearing on bicycles? Or an actor cast to play a bicycle? Or is it a blue cheese in a bicycle mould?

controlling assistant chunky bleeker (from Rick Stanley): I looked up bleeker and it seems to refer to many things. Mysteriously enough bleeker appears to have some Dutch connections. I assume this overweight assistant bleeker has taken its authority a tad too far, overstepping the boundary separating the merely domineering and the outright dictatorial.

Re: Re: bobolink bred (from Gloria): it seems like Gloria and I have been having an ongoing discussion of our bobolink ancestry. Perhaps we shared the same bobolink father but have different mothers (bobolink males are polygamous). Gloria may have been searching for her half-brothers and sisters. Did I disappoint her? Do I have another sister? Now that I have the bobolink song on loop, I really appreciate my potential avian talents - perhaps I too can give off "a tinkle of fairy music" "like sparkling champagne"?

bloodhound false arterial drill (from Boyd Kuhn): I would like to see a bloodhound arterial drill, as long as it isn't false.

Re: cowl (from Maryann): so I obviously wrote to this Maryann about some monk's robe and she replies. Was I drycleaning it?

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