Sunday, January 11, 2004

Value Village is wonderful! For $33 I got

1. A lowcut burgundy velvet shirt with chrysanthemums on it
2. A $2 t-shirt
3. A black shirt with a paisley frame
4. A cobalt blue velvet shirt with an embroidered white flower
5. A wine-purple unusual-cut tanktop
6. A sparkly brown skirt.

Later this week I plan to visit another location with my discount coupons. I forgot them today. Oops, I guess I'll just have to go again before the coupon expires at the end of the month.

If only I had enough patience to hunt down nice pants.

Next on my list are my dream knee-high boots...but they are over $100, so I'll have to save up a bit of money first. I hope that shoe store still has them. Preferably on sale. Then next winter I can wear skirts. Woo hoo!

Um, I am pretty excited that there is a Value Village in Flagstaff. And there are four in Las Vegas...because tickets to Vegas are only $49 return now. I don't gamble, but returning to Vancouver with a new wardrobe might be reason to go. Hmm, a weekend of dirt-cheap shopping.

Pity, dear Beth, that there isn't a Value Village in Illinois.

Gosh, who would have thought that shopping is now my hobby. I blame Japan.

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