Thursday, January 08, 2004

When my parents phoned last night to wish me a happy name day, I told my mom of my decision to move somewhere else. For the first time ever, she agreed that I should go where I feel more at home.

"Do you know why people aren't friendly in Vancouver?" she asked. "Because they are all English."

My mom thinks only those of us with Latin blood have passion.

I grew up hearing about the difference between us Latin types and the "white people," as we call the rest of you. I always laughed at such an absurd generalization.

This morning Meaghen (a manager) and Brett (a salesman) talked about their holidays. Meaghen went to an Italian party. She was amazed that it lasted all night. She was surprised there was an open bar. And she couldn't believe that everyone was dancing. The salesman added that it was like My Big, Fat Greek Wedding.

In my head, I leapt up and shouted, "Ha! Now that's a party, not like your sedate knitting bees!"

There is a gulf between us and them white people.

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