Monday, February 16, 2004

Absolute frustration tonight.

The composition is all wrong. I photocopied the components and moved them around the page. It seemed to work, but when I inked it #$#@&!! A fresh sheet of vellum. But it looked worse the second time. The jellyfish degenerated into squiggles. The waves are too serrated. Worse, my sloth looks more like a fluffly teddy bear - where is the algae in his fur?

Kathy said she will give me a couple more days. The deadline is Wednesday, but that means I get Thursday and Friday. So Saturday morning I will deliver my two contributions.


Writing is so much easier. Remove all adverbs and adjectives, avoid passive voice, edit, edit, edit.

Anyone can be a writer.

If I can't have a sloth, at least I have my deformed little blog child.

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