Monday, February 09, 2004

As you can tell from the link below, Morbid Fact Du Jour is back. The Comtesse was away on business for a week, leaving me to wander the world of pink teddy bears and flower prints.

Kate, who introduced me to daily morbidity, has reappeared in my life. The only conversation we had was, "Are you still subscribing to the Morbid Fact? Isn't it great?"

Generally I can't stand looking at those surgery shows on TV (in the days I did watch TV) or even thinking about cadavers. Years ago I decided to spend the hour before watching the Blair Witch Project perusing Arizona Cheryl's anatomy books. There's something about the recently dead that creeps me out. But not so bodies that have been dead for centuries. The skeleton in the Sighisoara clock tower never bothered me. (Sighisoara, by the way, is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler.) Arizona Cheryl's borrowings from the university bone library also didn't bother me. We even took some grotesque photos. Mummies also don't seem to bother me so much, as do freshly dead animals.

Last year at almost this time, I was handed 22 just-beheaded chickens. At first, plucking the feathers from the neck area, I found the blood there already clotting. It was almost jelly-like. Inside the chickens were half-formed eggs. They were yellow and soft.

Ok, tea's on.

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