Saturday, February 21, 2004

Chinese face-reading is a little bit of fortune-telling, a little bit of Chinese medicine and quite a bit of behavioural prediction.

The instructor, San Chang, explained that there were 21 types of eyebrows to analyse, among the other kinds of mouths, eyes, noses and ears. But Chinese face-reading doesn't stop with the face. There are texts about different kinds of feet, hands and breasts. Even sleeping positions carry some meaning.

With 21 pages of notes, I don't really know where to begin. Of course you should take the course if you live in the Lower Mainland - $25 for an extremely informative 3.5 hours. For those of you who can never expect to meet Mr. Chang, I'll divulge a few of his secrets here.

When I was analysing my friends' faces tonight, everyone was curious about Hitler's face. I skipped over Ho Chi Min and Barbra Streisand and Stalin. Below is how Mr. Chang describes Hitler's face.

Ears = normal and well-formed = intelligent

The space between his eye and outer eyebrow = smaller than the width of an index finger = family disputes and tendency to change physical dwellings often

Eyebrows = unruly = uncooperative siblings

Outer eye corner = slightly sunken = (for men) problems with relationships and marriage

Nose = straight = good health

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