Friday, February 06, 2004

I almost went to bed, then I remembered what I had to be happy about today. This morning I got an email from my sister who is attending the opening of her very first solo exhibition in Chisinau. She is hanging out with Ulay, some Moldovan punk band called Gandul Matei*, the famous Zdob si Zdub, and some other pop stars she didn't mention. What really made my day is that she met one of the characters in Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.

Iulian Robu was Tony Hawks' interpreter in Chisinau. Hawks says he's shy, paranoid and formal. I liked him.

Niki says he's not so bad in person - though it might mean other things for my taste.

That made me really happy. Now I know a famous person through my jet-setting sister.

*I've never heard of them so get me an album, ok, Niki? Or you can introduce me to this guy.

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