Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I have been at work for exactly one hour after finishing work and I am still nowhere near answering my emails. I have all these little reminders around me for things to write, but I really should be going. Before that, a little about my most recent visit(s) to Value Village.

Yesterday was Founder's Day. The founding of Value Village. All merchandise, in celebration, was 50% off. Thus, for a mere $60, I left with twenty pants, shirts and skirts. The greatest jean skirt of all time! A maroon top with beads in the shape of a flower!* T-shirt with embroidered flowers! Pants that fit! Weird orange carpetbag shirt!

The only miss was the most wonderful coat in the world - the coat that would have made my life complete, were material things the only important things for me - the sleeves were too short.

I looked jealously at some girls with a shopping cart full of neat stuff. They beat me to the good stuff. I wished they would both go into a fitting room and I could run off with their cart.

One observation I made is that the Edmonds Value Village is cheaper than the Clarke one.**

*Freshly washed, now on me.

**Yes, that is correct. I went to two Value Villages last night.

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