Sunday, February 29, 2004

I just noticed that, according to the wonders of Sitemeter, some Brazilian stumbled on my site while looking up "aunt spanking bad boys with leather slipper." Now I can't remember when I wrote about any aunts disciplining the rougher elements of manhood in that way, but I share Yahoo space with "DevilF**k.com -- INTENSE MOTHER F**KING S**T!"

There is obviously some connection between motherhood and Satan. My best friend had banner ads promoting the two side by side. Having never experienced motherhood, I cannot give a balanced opinion in this regard.

I was #59 in this "aunt slipper-spanking" search, with this descriptive excerpt: "... Older teenage boys drove around the Colosseum making fun of the ... Never squish them with a slipper. An egg might remain ... I had a bad feeling. Don't open your backpack ..."

Recently someone else stumbled on my site while looking up "stereotypical caucasian dinner." Of course, that would be the August entry where I described a stereotypical caucasian breakfast: nettle-and-moorfowl oatmeal, ground cardamom seeds with coffee ice cubes, and the ubiquitous bacon and tentacles.

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