Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I like two new people: Charles and Frank. They have weird blogs.

For example, Charles yesterday listed his phone number on his blog. I didn't write it down. Now it's no longer on his blog.

Charles, I would have copied your number. I would have kept it around for when I have a few cents left on a phone card but Beth isn't around and the card doesn't have enough for a call to Romania.

I didn't copy it down yesterday because I already am far behind in the long distance to-phone list. I left a message on Arizona Cheryl's answering machine and I promised to call again. Shirley is still waiting for my return call from a week ago. And I still need to call JJ to beg my belongings back.

Besides I operate better with the written word. I border on mute in person.

I really like the January 26th posting.

Frank won me over with this. Then I read about the chinchilla.

It was that Romania stuff that drew me to his blog in the first place. I am especially curious as to where the Blade Runner part of Bucuresti is. I have been to the Little Mermaid part of Bucuresti and the Pinocchio neighbourhood of Bucuresti. I have cousins in the Enrique Iglesias-and-stripper section of Bucuresti.

The prospect of seeing more pictures of cute furry animals will keep me lingering, Frank. So let's see some chinchilla next!

I also like his weirdness.

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