Tuesday, February 24, 2004

In the universe there is matter. Alongside matter is energy. By looking at an EEG, we know thought is energy.

The tea cup reader thus explained the validity of her craft.

The strict laws of physics ended there and the haphazard guessing of a seventy-something fortune teller took over.

A bird brings a message.

"Even if I see in my cup an arctic petrel swooping down, about to rip some unfortunate fish out of the water, by some barren rocky coast off Ellesmere Island?"

"Yes," she said.

"I also see an elephant in my cup," I added.

"An elephant never forgets. You are clutching at some distant tragedy and the cup is telling you to let go."

"Now what about this rhinocerus here?"

"You are obviously trying to shield yourself from something."

"And I see a man and a woman in a row boat."

"That means you will get far, slowly, if you cooperate."

But the woman in my cup was holding a parasol, not an oar.

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