Saturday, February 14, 2004

I've finally got around to putting links to the other blogs I read.

I wasn't sure if I should honour* some of the writers as "Friends" and not merely entities floating about in cyberspace. Because I do exchange private emails with some of them. That pretty well means we are best friends in today's cyber culture. And I did meet Mighty Fast Pig in person.

In the end, I decided that, yes, I have few friends and I can't pull the wool over anyone's eyes and my few friends have such a good time offline they don't keep me virtually entertained for hours. So Friends stays put, with links leading to black holes.

More links coming, as soon as the laboratory tests results attest that they are safe for human consumption.

My other online projects will have to wait a little.

*Please. Please. Let me be selfish and arrogant. This week somniferous malarial me got a total of three cruel put-downs.

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