Sunday, February 29, 2004

Morning of February 29, 2004 dream:

This guy who snubbed me last November and I were walking. He was white. He picked up two East Asian ladies. The three of them walked ahead of me, laughing, while I followed silently from behind.

Some of the houses along the streets had high gates, as they do in Transylvanian villages.

In a covered courtyard, there was torpedo hanging from the ceiling. Someone ordered me to swing the torpedo into the television affixed to the opposite wall. On the television was a film about the sea.

They promised me the torpedo would not explode on contact. I set forth on my task.

I almost managed to swing the torpedo into the television. I decided to take a break. I wandered around the garden in the back.

When I returned to my task, one of the ladies was busy swinging the torpedo. The torpedo was very close to the television screen. "Hey, you're going to steal my accolades! Give me that torpedo!" She pushed me away.

Suddenly, the snubber runs from the street into the courtyard. His sword slices through the woman's shoulders as if they were tepid butter. He amputated both of her arms!

My shock was such that I immediately woke up. But, still half in my dream, I saw the poor woman, months later, watching the doctors place her newborn baby on her chest. Then I saw, still in my half-awake, half-asleep state, that both mother and baby would have to be spoonfed.

The dream dictionary reports: "the loss of entire arms [denotes] unusual depression in trade. Afflicted persons should be warned to watchfulness after this dream."

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