Monday, February 09, 2004

One more thing about cockroaches. Each time a cockroach wandered in, JJ was nonchalant. I could not resume doing anything. With the roach in the room, who knew when it might fly to me? I always watched the cockroach . I was ready to run to safety.

JJ warned me that if you stare at a cockroach, it will come to you.

Like vampires. If you invite a vampire into your house, he will forever plague you.

Cockroaches also sense fear. I have been herded into corners by the beasts, who know full well I am powerless.

My method for killing them was to spray them with insecticide until they die. Then I would sweep them out the door and down to Jonathan's apartment. I also tried the dishwashing detergent method: flip over a roach and drown it.

Never squish them with a slipper. An egg might remain on the sole and hatch. The little roachling will avenge its mother's death. Born with the screams of its parent still lingering in its brain, the orphan targets humanity.

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