Sunday, February 15, 2004

This Valentine's Day I only reciprocated greetings. As there are no candidates for typical Valentine's affections, there were no calls or cards required of me. Except you-know-who.

Yesterday I tried to call but no response. My first reaction was, "Oh shit. He changed his number."

I tried again today. Making sure I would catch him at home, 6:30 AM his time.

It's funny to think that, as completely isolated as I am, somewhere in the world there is one person who loves me more than anyone else ever will. And it's funny that things can't be better.

Well, I'm glad my phonecall made someone so happy. Just when I thought my existence was redundant and I had no right to occupy this part of the world, I feel slightly better.

Anyhow, enough of the sentimental stuff.

I thought I deserved some cheering up and Petro-Canada provided the chocolate. Tea and chocolate and Safe Area Gorazde, then back to work.

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