Thursday, February 12, 2004

Who likes hypocrisy?

I hate seeing animals in cages.

Yet, yes, I am a hamster owner.

My hamster stays in a cage while I am at work. Otherwise she would chew through all the electric cords. Luckily she sleeps most of that time. So I feel a little better.

But at night, when I am home and she is awake, she gets mad at me if I don't let her out. She angrily chews the cage bars. As a result the fur on top of her snout has thinned.

Her balding nose is a reminder that I need to follow through with my convictions.

Tonight I am trying something new.

This room is quite small. I can write, read, eat brie, enjoy a glass of wine and keep an eye on the hamster.

Hamsters, however, can always find hiding places.

I was just on my knees, alarmed that there is a little nook, hamster-sized, under a shelf. The path proved too windy for my arm to reach and the shelf too heavy to lift.

"Come out of there, you little rascal!!" I growled.

Remembering that honey, rather than vinegar, catches more hamsters, I changed my tone: "Sweetie pie, come out, I shall give you something yummy for your tummy-wummy."

Since she remains under the shelf, I shall simply have to wait her out.

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