Monday, March 22, 2004

I liked the Mantis logo. I wanted to have a better look at it.

The Mantis Promise: NO RISK. Thus armed with the security of Mantis Promise, I ventured farther in.

Why We're Better it said. I wanted to know why Mantis was better. Over and over it said MANTIS IS THE BEST. Over and over and over. I fell into the pace; I began myself to repeat the mantis mantra. Mantis is the best, Mantis is the best, Mantis is the best...

Sleepwalking into the Mantis ordering page, I threw a languid glance at the bottom. The Mantis demanded of me: SUBMIT TO MANTIS.

I reached for the mouse. One easy click and I would submit to the Mantis.

A tiny voice screams "Nooooooo!" I recoil!

The Mantis, disappointed at the loss of its prey, reassembles itself into a motionless website ready to pounce again.

(languid + pounce = 2 points for me.)

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