Tuesday, March 02, 2004

If you look to the right, there is a sub-section of this blog I call Likeable Blogs. This is where I put people I don't know but whose lives or writing catch my fancy.

Under Likeable Blogs, there are links to various people whose lives are now irrevocably enmeshed with mine.

One of those people calls her blog "My Suicide Journal." She gives tomorrow, March 3rd, as the day she will commit suicide.

I don't want to suggest that things will get better because they might not, at least not immediately. People have been telling me (if I can sneak into the equation for a moment) that I have reached the bottom and I can go nowhere but up. Then, hours later, I found out I am in a bigger quandary. So things can get worse.

I can't talk her out of it just because "suicide is bad." She's right, what do we know of her life? The "suicide is bad" admonition is empty. It doesn't address the specifics of a life - it generalizes yet again the suicidal person's suffering.

So I don't know what to say.

I have a guess about your location, Ms. Behind Anonymity. Am I correct?

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