Sunday, March 21, 2004

Joke time (courtesy of my grandmother):

A peddler owed a lot of money to a man in a distant village that he visited once a year. When he got to this man's house, the peddler begged for more time to repay his debts. He complained how he sold few of wares and that he didn't even know how to feed his own family.

The man said to the peddler, "But you have two wonderful daughters - take them to the market."

The peddler went away. When he returned a year later, he plunked down a bag of gold on the man's table: "This is the money I owe you." Then he plunked down another bag. "This is the interest on the debt."

Incredulous, the man asked for the secret to the peddler's success.

"Simple," replied the peddler, "I took your advice last year. Now my daughters are so busy, on Saturdays and Sundays my wife has to help out!"

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