Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Last night, two teenage girls passed me on the street. One of them made kissy noises. I looked around. I was the only other person around. The girls laughed.

Must be my Tom Cruise good looks.

He said: You look like Tom Cruise? What movie?
I said: I could always pick up women.
He said: You're confusing the hell outta me.

Luckily I am not all superficial good looks.

My first date with an obese 21-year-old construction worker:

He takes me to an internet cafe. He pays. He buys me a coke. It's chat time.

"With your English I can flirt with girls all over the world." (He said.)

He dictates his opening lines. I translate and type. We pick up a woman in Manila, one in Sibiu and one in Cugir.

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