Thursday, March 25, 2004

SCAN ME! says: come on wheeler and dealer

Maktaaq says: you again!

SCAN ME! says: alright. fine

Maktaaq says: oh no, i've hurt your feelings

SCAN ME! says: no you didn't, i don't have any

Maktaaq says: you are an....android?

SCAN ME! says: partial, they call us cyborgs, or bastards.

Maktaaq says: i always thought there was a correlation between those two words

SCAN ME! says: i guess there is now

Maktaaq says: and i had made a point of avoiding bastards, will have to add cyborgs to the deal

Maktaaq says: you know, when I'm wheeling & dealing

SCAN ME! says: and looking back on your whelts and dealts

Maktaaq says: i can see the problem: cyborgs! should have avoided the bastards!

SCAN ME! says: beep..boo bee!

Maktaaq says: ?

SCAN ME! says: that's my robot speak

Maktaaq says: you are bar guy

SCAN ME! says: yes. to be confused with restaurant guy and pool guy

Maktaaq says: what? how many alter egos do you have?

SCAN ME! says: it's alright. i get people confused all the time

Maktaaq says: yeah, people should have some distinguishing features so we can tell them apart

Maktaaq says: I�m pretty easy to distinguish

Maktaaq says: mortician

Maktaaq says: bet you didn't know i was that talented

SCAN ME! says: i know a person that went to mortician school

Maktaaq says: i also carve those Dutch wooden shoes

SCAN ME! says: no way.. i do that

Maktaaq says: ok, i guess i am hardly unique

SCAN ME! says: i�m just joking

Maktaaq says: joking about it all or just the Dutch shoes?

SCAN ME! says: just the shoes

Maktaaq says: will get new distinguishing hobbies to impress blokes

SCAN ME! says: blokes�oh oh...colonist

Maktaaq says: no, i never explore colons

SCAN ME! says: lol�that's too bad�i thought you were a mortician

Maktaaq says: come on, there are ethics in the mortuary sciences as well

SCAN ME! says: what if it was a bad accident

Maktaaq says: and something was lodged up a corpse's ass? i believe the autopsy staff handles that

SCAN ME! says: the burial clothes couldn't fit right and you had to do some aggressive stapling and gluing

Maktaaq says: weeeeellllllll....

SCAN ME! says: are you really a mortician?

Maktaaq says: i moonlight as a mortician

SCAN ME! says: are you morticianing right now?

Maktaaq says: yes, i've got a combination mortuary-taxidermy project happening

SCAN ME! says: not a person

Maktaaq says: both

Maktaaq says: camel-human combination

SCAN ME! says: lol

Maktaaq says: the latest craze

SCAN ME! says: ahh those camans

Maktaaq says: like transgendered stuff, only for dead people

SCAN ME! says: i thought you said there were ethics

Maktaaq says: no sex with the corpses

Maktaaq says: otherwise we just go by the client's specification

SCAN ME! says: how can you resist the camans though

Maktaaq says: shhh

Maktaaq says: not so loud


Maktaaq says: hey you

Maktaaq says: you're gonna get me in trouble with the death authorities

SCAN ME! says: so

SCAN ME! says: you need to be exposed for what you are, caman toucher

Maktaaq says: no, please don't

SCAN ME! says: it's gonna cost you

Maktaaq says: name your price

SCAN ME! says: let me think about it

Maktaaq says: bastard

SCAN ME! says: i prefer cyborg

SCAN ME! says: oh it's raining out

SCAN ME! says: poo

Maktaaq says: yeah, you'll get rusty

SCAN ME! says: i'm the same Edward Gorey book as you..lol

Maktaaq says: uh oh

Maktaaq says: two sofas together

Maktaaq says: no good

SCAN ME! says: two curious sofas

SCAN ME! says: equal a room full of trouble

SCAN ME! says: and a fight to fit through the door

SCAN ME! says: oh and leave my cushions alone

Maktaaq says: then don't touch my ottoman

SCAN ME! says: darn you, you've got a play friend

Maktaaq says: yes, i'm a very outgoing sofa

SCAN ME! says: that's good to hear, someone to pick the dropped food and coins out of you

Maktaaq says: no, no one drops things on this sofa

SCAN ME! says: they should

SCAN ME! says: it'd be fun

SCAN ME! says: like popcorn and chips, in your cushion cracks

SCAN ME! says: makes me think of monkeys preening

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