Friday, April 16, 2004

Mr. O'Connor of Albino Neutrino reports that Romania is ready to clash with one of the poorest countries in the world (this week it's Chad) over who gets dibs on the tricolour flag. Both countries await the UN verdict.

Interviews with a cross-section of the Romanian expatriate community in Canada proves revealing:

Sister: Maybe it's Chad's flag. We've only been using it since 1990.

Mom: It's our flag. Give it back.

What do the experts say?

Romania gets a B for its flag, while Chad gets a B-.

Chad's flag is from 1958. They win.

And 100 % of Romanians who participated in an informal survey admitted that they like the old flag better.


At least one Romanian thinks we should go back to the "Revolutionary" Flag.


Arguments for the convenient hole in the middle of this version of the Romanian flag point out that it cure many of the social ills in the ailing Balkan country.

1. No longer would the poor trample about in rags. The hole flag makes a lovely, patriotic poncho. Frags for the poor!

2. Romanians could rake in the tourist dollars with decorative Revolutionary flag doughnuts (or floughnuts) on the national holiday, December 1st.

3. Romanian circuses can train their multitude of mongrels to jump through the hole. Taking the rest of Europe by storm, the performing pups, or wild flogs , will amaze and thrill.

So, let Chad get their tricolour. Romanians will re-adopt the 1989 flag. We'll be rich and revolutionary.

*Via the Flags of the World website.

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