Monday, April 19, 2004

Not much time to write today again - my list of to-write is growing bigger by each passing day.

But what I really want to impress upon you tonight is the wonderful new links I added. You see, I was busy oohing and aahing over art. The art connoisseur in me has taken possession - spitting phlegm and yelling obscenities, it demands some time here. The weird Maktaaq in me was handcuffed with its hands behind its back, duct tape slapped over its mouth, stuffed in a car truck and pushed over a bridge. (Luckily its training as a locksmith in the army will save it from a watery death. Escaping will take time and tomorrow night is the class where we discuss the Flamboyant Gypsy Violinist.)

So an introduction to the new denizens of Etc. Animals on the Underground: all of me is ready to commit suicide over this one. Why, why, dear God, did I not think of this one? I kowtow Nick Thomas.

August Strindberg & Helium: at least there are a few weird, obscurish nineteenth century writers I chuckle secretly to myself about. You'll just have to wait until I learn all that animation stuff for my cartoons. Before that happens, I think I will watch this a million more times.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music: Thanks Joe!

Mr. Scruff: something old but I don't know why I didn't put a link to it sooner. Amazed my coworkers with my Mr. Scruff screensaver. You, too, can have it.

Weebl and Bob: another place I drool over cartoons. Very belated thanks to Kate.

There are some cool art sites I have been perusing, but haven't had time to put up all those links yet. Will probably make a new section, since Etc is getting unwieldy.

Lastly, I want to point out my reading list for the next few years. I accept recommendations. Indeed I was about to also post the recommendations I got so far...but it is rather embarrassing that I have only finished about six novels out of twenty. And such famous novels! Silly me, wasting time with comic books.

I may as well add here that I went to two comic book shops...the temptation...I escaped just in time...a book with Krampus cards...I already foresee myself $30 shorter in the approaching future. The Krazy Kat memorabilia (see Sunday March 14) was gone, by the way. Yet, I found something better: two collections of Krazy Kat strips.

Enough of the whale blabber.

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