Thursday, April 15, 2004

So the stupid archives are back. All except for August 2003. It was a night of computer mishaps all round. My sister was amazed at the glossary in the Anti-Virus Software book. She thinks all the "fraggles" and "smurfs" are really cute.

Luckily my sister and I happen to know a child genius. After three hours we cleaned up this place. Except for those explicit pop-up ads. Nevertheless, child genius deserves a case of beer. Behind his mother's back, of course.

I am happy again. But I am still complaining about August 2003.

Am sorry about huffing that I'll be going away. I was thinking about leaving Blogger, but I'm always too busy typng away here to explore my options.

In conclusion, my sister and I are both interested in becoming burly mountain hermits. Far, far from civilization. When Blogger really does eat up my archives.


On the next exciting installment of Maktaaq: diet-crazed women snip off the ears of their enemies. Tune in again for this exciting epidode of gore and bean soup.

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