Friday, April 09, 2004

Taking a break from cleaning the bathroom.

Found the following treasures:

2 pincushions - now I can remove the 84 sewing needles in my hot water bottle.

4 boxes of unused pancake mix - pretty tasty when eaten in the bathtub.

3 packages of mosquitoes (Africa, Europe and Asia) - an Asian mosquito is a notch above an African one on the Mohs scale.

Enough erasers for eight years - of course, I did hand out the bacteria eraser to someone in purdah (accidentally...I really am bemused by the objection it caused).

There. How's that for a normal post? No zombies, no talking dogs, no parasitic jaegers, no typing monkeys, no hamster antics. I even, in my own subtle way, touched upon cooking classes past and I made vague references to endangered animal-smuggling. Now I am a real blogger.

Enjoy it while you can. After this, it's back to talking animals.

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