Thursday, May 13, 2004

Unemployment in BC means that over 30,000 people do not have jobs. Nintey-two other people sought out my museum contract. Job ads generally get over 100 applicants, sometimes as high as 600 for one of the jobs where I applied.

Facing this bleak situation, my sister decided to become a factory worker. But Labour Ready, temp agency for factory and construction positions, expects prospective workers to arrive at their offices at 5 AM. There is no guarantee, however, that the worker will find a job for the day.

Disappointed with Labour Ready, her situation looked bleak.

Then, this afternoon, I went to pick up my copy of The Bloody Chamber at the library.

A sign by the check-out: "Do you read relationship self-help books? $50 to help me."

A local psychiatrist writing a relationship self-help book wants to find readers of books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus to see how people read these sorts of books. I knew there was a copy of Men Are From Venus, Women Are From Mars in our house. Some well-meaning friend had lent it to us years ago. We threw it in the basement with all the other scary monsters.

I ripped off the telephone number tab. Now my sister will have a job, I thought. She could read the book and become a market research assistant for the psychiatrist. I couldn't wait to get home to show my sister that I found her a job. $50 an hour!

She arrived home soon after I did. "Guess what? Guess what?" I leapt about the kitchen waving my telephone tab. "You can get a job as a relationship self-help book marketing consultant!"

She was so happy and agreed that it would be a good job. But she had her own news. She found another job: my sister will now spend her Saturdays mud-marching!

Her new job entails that she will take off her shoes and stomp on potter's clay for four or five hours. Now she can combine workouts and work.

"After I saw the ad for a mud-marcher in the paper, I left a message. A few days later, when no one returned my call, I phoned again." Her new message was: "I have fond childhood memories of mud..."

To celebrate a second income in the household, we sought out the exiled copy of Men Who Love Cars, Women Are A Bonus.

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