Poodles in Galoshes 

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A ton of work to do, but the poodles in galoshes have been revolting.

They set fire to my worm compost box. Casualties: Ernie the Surfing Worm and Smithy Jones, also known as Smithy the Cruel.

They clogged my shower with their toenail clippings and my prized towel collection. Casualties: my prized towel collection. 100% Martian cotton.

They messed up my hair. Casualties: Farrah Fawcett do that alarms, not entices.

They filled their galoshes with lemonade and doused me with it. Casualties: everything I touch becomes sticky sweet. I am plastered in supermarket receipts, bits of yarn, and lost pet posters.

They danced on my roof all night. Casualties: a good night's rest. They may have stuffed an owl into the chimney.

Drat those Poodles in Galoshes!

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