Extra Bait Condition Unicorns 

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bumblesweet was rather tempting. She sat demurely in her box on the Walmart shelf, her price tag only $6.44. Cheaper than in my day, when a Pony went for $8. Hasbro must have switched glues or used inferior plastic. Some defect must make up for the $1.56.

I broke her hypnotic stare. Around her were three of her compatriots, the darling Daisyjo, the modest Serendipity, and that saucy wench, Sparkleworks. On the next shelf was Strawberry Shortcake and her cronies, and on another shelf was Rainbow Brite. Canary Yellow never looked so good.

Four of them, so cheap, so sparkly and one of them a lemon-yellow. I stopped myself. Where would I house them? My living quarters feature tasteful Romanian and Ethiopian folkart in woodsy colours and sombre metallics. The bright-coloured ponies might make my look just a little kitchsy. Besides their heads were too big.

I had to bid farewell to the ponies - since my first entry about the Ponies, trips to Value Village turned up no Ponies.

Until someone puts together an Eighties Toy Museum, I am re-living my My Little Pony youth through the My Little Pony Customization mailing list:

  • Does anyone have extra bait condition unicorns? I'm specifically looking for unicorns in the prancing(Gusty, Sparkler), TAF milky way type, or upwards looking (Powder/Skyflier) poses.
  • I have a Sparkler who's face is pretty much covered in pen, and I think I have a Powder who's symbol is almost gone, if you're interested, please email me.
  • I ended up buying 2 ponies, and going into an afro-hair shop this afternoon to pick up some gorg. synthetic hair for rehairing.
  • She's a Majesty with a tiny bit of paint work to her eyes that went slightly wrong, hair is fine (last time I looked) body is fine but she might also have a few pink marks on her but otherwise she's fine.

Some of these messages were from some lady called "Baby Mort." Wish I'd thought of that. The finished products look pretty good too.

Especially this one:

You are GOTH Pony!

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