I Don't Do Quagmires 

Saturday, June 26, 2004

"They came with dogs, firmly held on leashes. God help you if they got loose, because they bit, those nasty animals...They would calmly tear apart a baby before your eyes. Terrible creatures."

Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper
Page 61

"Then we were taken to rooms where we had to undress. That was an enormous shock for me...It goes without saying that I was embarrassed and ashamed. I remember an audible crack in my head, from being totally naked before the eyes of men."

Bloeme Evers-Emden
Page 121

"One punishment--a very common one--was, for example, to have to kneel in front of the barracks with a stone in your hands. No one could talk to you or you would be beaten. You were also beaten if you turned your head--and you had to stay there for hours."

Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper
Page 70

"The Allies must have known, after all; we understood that. And that they just let us go to hell, did nothing, and also let the trains go on running to Auschwitz, to Birkenau, continuously, even though they knew what was going on. Now we know that the war was much more important to them than the Jews. That probably answers the open question."

Rachel van Amerongen-Frankfoorder
Page 99

(All quotes excerpted from The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank.)

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