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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

maktaaq is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

(Thank you, LJ!)

I, Maktaaq, am indeed radioactive.

I have lived in quite a few radioactive parts of the world: there is little chance that I would not have come into contact with radioactive matter. Who can say that Romania, neighbouring the Ukraine, isn't a cushion of radiation? Japan, a sullen joy for conspiracy theorists, staged its own nuclear accident for my benefit when I lived there.

Taiwan was full of nuclear excitement. There are about 1,600 residences and 10 schools in Taiwan constructed out of radioactive steel. Covered up for 10 years, by 1997, when I relocated to Taipei, this problem occasionally made it onto the evening news. Unfortunately, only a third of the radioactive steel has been located. As for the buildings in which there is radioactive material, people still live in them, with no chance to move anywhere else. During a walk around the northern area of Taipei, I walked right into a radioactive sign attached to one of the tainted buildings.

North Americans think they are immune. (Bwa ha ha!) It is possible, however, that some of this radiation has set up camp here. Your cutlery is more dangerous than you think. Heck, you could probably celebrate a nuclear accident for every day of the year. Who needs Al Qaeda when we could bombard ourselves with the glowing goodness that makes fish sprout extra eyeballs?

So, yes, I am indeed radioactive.

As for squirrelly - I blame the radiation.

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