Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Anişoara is on her deathbed.

Yesterday she began hemorrhaging far more blood than I thought was possible for a little hamster to hemorrhage.

Poor little cute ball of fluff! She perked up a bit in the vet's office; Dr. Siegert warned me that it was the adrenaline and, furthermore, she was wasting valuable reserves of energy.

Her diet, in these trying times, is celery and cucumber. Since she can't drink anymore, these will replace her water intake. Plus she refuses spinach (I was kinda hoping for Popeye forearms).

The possibilities were, for her lack of appetite and extreme lethargy - she was a superactive hamster prior to this: change in diet (she lost 30 grams or 20% of her bodyweight); heat stroke; old age and the Aspergillis fungus. Cheryl the Red (the Cheryl formerly known as Non-Arizona Cheryl) nodded knowingly to the last one. The Aspergillis fungus is the bane of caged pet owners everywhere.

But Dr. Siegert took one look at Anisoara and let the Aspergillis fungus off the hook. It's either bladder stones or a tumour. The latter seems to be the case. Anişoara developed a strange bump on her right hind leg.

If it is bladder stones, Anişoara can elect to have them surgically removed. If it is cancer, Dr. Siegert said we'll just have to make her last days comfortable.

The only way to know for sure is to take an X-ray (here's a picture of Anişoara's animal hospital radiograph room). Her X-ray is scheduled for 10 AM.

Little Anişoara, may your bladder stones wither to dust and may your foot tumour pop out like an oil-boiled kernel!

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