Butterfly Wings 

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

July 1988
Cuiheng Village, The People's Republic of China

I find a pair of butterfly wings in this subtropical Chinese village, a thirty-minute drive from then Portuguese colony Macau. Black wings, velvety with some brown stripes. The butterfly's body is missing. The wings go into the Cuiheng Hotel's emptied complimentary matchbox.

April 1989
Cuiheng Village, The People's Republic of China

I pack the matchbox with the wings into my luggage.

September 1990
City of the Concrete University, Canada

I pack the butterfly wing matchbox again for another move.

April 1994
City of Stinking Fish Slime, Canada

Once again the butterfly wings are packed up and moved to Porn Movie. Their matchbox, within a larger candy box, which lies within an even larger cardboard box, finds a temporary home in the Porn Movie garage.

May 1994
All Over Europe, Various States

I forget I even own butterfly wings within a box within a box within in a box.

July 2004
Porn Movie, Canada

Pulling out garage boxes, I find a box with my name on it. I open it. Inside are many other boxes. Inside one of the many other boxes is a Cuiheng complimentary matchbox. The butterfly wings! I remember them at last!

I slide open the box.

Inside there is only black dust.

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