The Golden Age of Film 

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Everyone whispered about the eyeball scene. I walked in when the hand fell off. At the pause before the next film, Anicka turned to me and said, "We missed it." We stayed for L'Age d'Or. I forgot to watch for Max Ernst - Dadaist and Surrealist, he rather fancied Arizona more than I did. Sideways I thought Anicka threw back her head. I think she looked at her watch twice. When I placed my napkin on top of my bowl of popcorn, just after the third debauchee exeunted the castle, she said we should leave. I looked back to see a girl with black blood dripping from her chest.

As the only person in the crowd who had watched any Buñuel film, I was in demand for my opinion. Lya Lys lost her bandage for a few seconds in L'Age d'Or. In movies there is no need for continuity otherwise people might mistake film for reality. The projectionist proclaimed that it was a sheep's eyeball. We all exclaimed an alas for the poor sheep! This led to a brief narration of the back alley baby seagull incident.

I never found out what happened to the hapless baby seagull. The finely dressed girl came out of the bathroom. While she dumped Spike all over her popcorn, I pointed out that she was lovely. Turns out she's one of those people who dresses up for movies. She furthermore took into account the time period of tonight's movies and went 1930s, though she admitted it is a look whose authenticity is not without difficulty. I invited her expertise at my Murder Mystery Dinner. She winked at me. On the corner of her right eye there was a jewel teardrop.

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