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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Have you ever had one of those days when you just couldn't wait to shout out Fools! I'll destroy them all!?

Today wasn't that sort of day.

I do, however, often silently mumble that phrase to myself when I am in a queue or walking behind a person with snail-derived DNA.* It's when I am waiting that I entertain mad scientist fantasies. If high school calculus didn't perplex me so, I would have been well on my way to a career in the [mad] sciences.

Snarling ten-foot hamsters with razor-sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh!

Canaries infused with piranha genes and bred for the temperament of a pit bull!

Great white shark heads surgically transplanted on bunny rabbit bodies and surreptitiously deposited in the local petting zoo!

Eight-legged cobra chinchillas that spit out cyanide!

Mr. Dubois, my grade twelve math teacher, put an end to all my hopes. He, the nerd who could play Bill Gates in a biopic, never came by to help me while I waved my hand back and forth.

Victoria Loria got all his attention. He just liked her because her names rhymed.

My dreams would have been realized if I was Peter Pumpkineater. Or Humpty-Dumpty. Or Fuzzy Wuzzy. Or Care Bear.

I ended up in university with majors in Art History and Chinese. No one has ever destroyed the world with that background. I am the laughing stock of the mad scientist community.

I do have a plan. Tarantula fangs grafted on bucolic landscapes! Whippy poison-drenched tentacles attached to the Venus de Milo! Mammoth ten-ton porcupine-spined Chinese dictionaries that leap off shelves onto unsuspecting library patrons! A combination of my two majors: Renaissance statuary that ejects sharpened chopsticks at 160 miles an hour!



Fools, I shall destroy you all.

*Driving emboldens my drunken violent sailor persona.

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