Charlie with the Gimlet Eyes 

Sunday, October 24, 2004

"A friendly crow has turned rogue, swooping down on children at Mary Hill Elementary School, stealing their toys and food, and dive-bombing adults.

The crow, which pupils have nicknamed Charlie, has been hanging around since school started.

While pupils were running laps, Charlie and friends stripped the paper labels off water bottles placed on the edge of the route.

He'd dive-bomb the kids, peck them in the head, chase them back in the building.

'He started dive-bombing mothers on the way into the building with their kids,' [secretary Alyssa Hall] said. 'Now he's got a couple of other crows with him.'

The crows, and a seagull, lurk around the playground during lunch and recess.

It and the other crows were not tempted by Cheezies placed on the ground to lure them in for a closer look. Only the seagull ventured close.

One crow - she said it was Charlie - left the gang and perched in a tree, staring at her with gimlet eyes.

'He's always staring at me,' she said."

Tri-City News

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