Fortune Teller 

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Romanian fortune teller was packing for her overseas trip. I insisted she read my cup.

My grandmother prepared a cup of Turkish coffee for me. I drank the grounds after I mixed in a teaspoon of sugar. The fortune teller snapped impatiently at me. My grandmother prepared me another cup. The fortune teller didn't let me add sugar or drink it all.

She wanted a paper towel on which the overturned cup could drain. Seeing that I could not find a paper towel she insisted I bring her toilet paper.

There is something wrong even about pristine toilet paper touching the rim of a cup that lips have just touched. I did not go for the toilet paper. My grandmother ran to find some tissue before the irate fortune teller stomped off.

My cup drained, it revealed the spider: more hardship in my future. And health problems, especially before a holiday. I will travel again - I will receive some money and spend some money, probably on this trip. After this trip, another trip, a permanent one of which I am fretting.

A woman of distant parts, with dark hair, will come visit me.

Three men are thinking of me, one nearby, one far away and one overseas. I'll have an affair with a man whose name starts with a G, but he will ultimately dump me as he will not love me. After some unfortunate incident, I'll find happiness with another man. He will be a brunette like me and he will be about my height. His name will start with an I.

I stuck my thumb on the sides of the cup. The fortune teller read the marks left by my thumb on the cup and then the coffee grains stuck to my thumb. After each reading, I licked the coffee off my thumb.

Something good will happen to me in three points. The fortune teller explained that this good be three days or three weeks or three months.

The fortune teller warned me not to thank her or my fortune will change course.

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