Halloween Countdown 

Thursday, October 28, 2004

So far I have seen an IMAX 3D horror movie; took in six authentic haunted houses; am decorating the old workplace with decapitated heads, corpse hands and tarantulas; watched numerous horror films; arranged for ghostbusters to visit; and bought five pumpkins.

Tonight I met my match. Men with chainsaws chasing me around mazes.

Area 51: Alien Apocalypse: the first haunted house. I hid behind little Kazumi the whole way through.

The Asylum of Terror: the second haunted house. I hid behind little Kazumi most of the way until I ran, terrified, for the rest of the maze. It was only when I got out that I realized I left Kazumi behind. So I went back in. A guy with a chainsaw chased her. By far the scariest. Especially the polka-dot chameleon clown.

Nuclear Nightmare: the third haunted house. I hid behind little Kazumi. A guy with a big knife got fed up of me cowering in a corner and told me to hurry up. Another guy with a chainsaw got between me and Kazumi. Kazumi yelled at me to run to her, but there was no way I could squeeze past the chainsaw.

What Lurks in the Dark: the fourth haunted house. I was so happy when the attendant made me go with a young couple. With a man to protect us, there was no danger. Just to be safe, I hid behind little Kazumi. This house was really dark. In the confusion, I somehow ended up in front, the girl behind me, holding on to my shoulders, her boyfriend behind her, holding on tight, and Kazumi at the back. When the bad man jumped out of the dark, the girl grabbed my hand. I felt brave and manly.

Reaper's Remains: the last haunted house. I groped my way through the dark, leading Kazumi, a girl and her boyfriend. The boyfriend told me he will be screaming "like a little girl."

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