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Monday, October 18, 2004

Martha Stewart is rumoured to have a $5M book deal brewing for her experiences. 5 months = $1M a month...she is a smart cookie. Her salary as head of Martha Stewart Omnimedia is about $900,000 a year, though she is also the biggest stockholder. Still her book deal (and media appearances when this is all over) will make her even richer.

Until then, her prison has a culinary arts school but there are demeaning strip searches that come with the territory.

Locals sure enjoy having her over:

"Residents of the town are hoping the media interest in its newest arrival will make them wealthier, according to the Associated Press news agency. Some locals have rented their lawns to TV networks' satellite trucks while others are selling visitors souvenirs and merchandise."

That is, merchandise like t-shirts reading West Virginia Living. It's a Good Thing. and Alderson, West Virginia. A Good Place to Spend Time.

Since Martha won her Scrabble game with the word escapee, there are some good tips out there what to do with her tunnel as she digs her way to freedom.

And me - Martha Stewart won me over a few years ago when she promoted heritage seeds on her tv show. None of those genetically modified things for her. Then her Halloween magazines secured me as a fan. I'm filling my house with bats.

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