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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Obscene Taxidermy

  • A series of dioramas inspired by De Sade's 'Juliette' in which the unfortunate heroine is represented by a tabby cat and her tormentors by sadistic rabbits, [...] sadly destroyed in 1917 by order of Lord Bangor's widow.

  • Twelve scenes from the works of children's author Beatrix Potter, which depicted the author's familiar squirrels and bunny rabbits being imaginatively abused by foxes and cats [of which five are known to be in private collections].

  • A series of twenty-four very large cased tableaux [...] which were to recreate in detail various key scenes from De Sade's seminal 120 Days of Sodom, using red squirrels and ginger kittens [...]. Unfortunately, the Marquis of Bathgate's large collection of animal-related erotica was broken up following his death in the First Somme and the current whereabouts of the various pieces are completely unknown.

  • Nikolai Beria, Stalin's secret police chief, is said to have possessed several novel tableaux mainly employing arctic foxes and mink, constructed for him by labour camp inmates.

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