Nanowrimo Word Count So Far: Terse 

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I haven't had computer access for four days. I can't write by hand for reasons that are explained here.

Plus, I fell down the stairs. I had the date from hell on Friday. My bathroom is in shambles. I keep raking the lawn but leaves keep reappearing. I lost one of my best friends. So my problems have multiplied.

That's why I couldn't write. Not to mention, what happened to Chriselda after the chapter I am working on now? I have vague ideas but nothing definite. Chriselda, baby, help me here! You're supposed to jump off the page but you're Pinocchio's half-sister, damn you!

I shouldn't give anything away but any plot twists I could bum off of you?

One thing is for sure. There aren't any geoducks in this story. That will change very, very soon.

And now that I've written it, I am committed to geoducks.

Stupid geoducks. Now look what you've done!

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