Sunday, December 05, 2004

"Pull up your shirt." "Take off your pants." "Lay down."

How can I not love him?

The other day, I saw a trailer for House of Flying Daggers and I realized he looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro. (Yummy!)

When I tell him I feel better, despite the crick in my neck from two days ago, he cares. The crick in my neck concerns him. And what could be more flattering than someone who cares about my wellbeing?

Sure he's only about as tall as I am, but I'll let the height requirements slide this once.

There's nothing more exciting than when, as he is about to place those cold, wet electrodes on me, he says, "Brace yourself. This is going to be cold."

Then I lay down on a warm bed and he closes the curatin.

He leaves me alone, but that's ok. Because I can dream about him while the electrodes make me twitch like a mad hatter.

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